Road Bites

Tales From Inside The Sardine Can.

   May 15

Into the World… Claws First.

Don't I look sweet? Haha fooled you!


Hunter. Born in December of 2003. A native Floridian (rare species). The ugly kitten with the curly tail. AKA chocolate covered sugar kitty. AKA damn you!

Dad and mom. Evil is a family tradition.






Daughter of Jubei, a traditional (apple head) seal point Siamese male and Kegaro, a extreme (wedge head) blue point Siamese female.

Hanging with mom and the kids.




An inside cat. Second cat to join “The Family”. First to the food bowl. Spent the first four years of her life in home that lacked wheels. Loves the female alpha most of all. Hates dogs. Barely tolerates everything else.